with SepsiSTAT®

ID and AST results in hours direct from blood are a reality.

When blood culture is too slow, the SepsiSTAT® system is an alternative path to ID and phenotypic AST results in hours, not days.

Direct Bloodstream Infection Diagnosis


2-5 days for targeted antibiotic treatment is not good enough.

The challenges facing patients, physicians, and healthcare when sepsis and bloodstream infection are suspected are well documented.

Increased risk of mortality, the high burden on healthcare budgets, and antimicrobial resistance all conspire to reduce the life chances of patients with sepsis when the time for effective treatment is a matter of life or death.

The standard of care for diagnosing a patient with suspected bloodstream infection is a system of culture-based methods that rely on the growth of organisms over 1-5 days where only then can the physician target antibiotics effectively.

This culturing step is a barrier to speeding up time-to-result for thousands of existing instruments and the adoption of newer, novel technologies.

Direct Bloodstream Infection Diagnosis


Think Fast with SepsiSTAT®

Re-inventing blood culture for ID and AST results in hours.

A direct from blood sample preparation and organism detection system enabling ID & AST results to be reported before blood culture turns positive.1


Reference 1: Data on file for molecular ID, phenotypic AST, and metagenomic sequencing ID.


SepsiSTAT® utilises novel processes for extraction, concentration, and enrichment of living organisms from whole blood.

Starting from 12 mL whole blood, SepsiSTAT provides a concentrated suspension of growing microbial cells, free from blood and antibiotics. Microbial cells are enriched to enable rapid detection of BSI, whilst also providing an enumerated microbial sample for downstream ID/AST, with an integrated PCR-based microbial detection, Gram delineation, and quantitative growth monitoring.

SepsiSTAT® a FAST alternative to traditional blood culture.

Performance data show Momentum’s technology to be a realistic alternative to blood culture and will accelerate all downstream workflow TTR.

Universal detection:

All organisms tested are detected including Mycobacteria, Candida & Cryptococcus.

Quantitative microbial growth monitoring:

Microbial enrichment to reach a target inoculum for downstream applications.

Universal output:

Demonstrated on 3rd Party platforms showing significant improvement in Time To Result from current workflow.

Reduced risk of missing BSI:

Detection levels typically between 1-10 cfu/mL. Detection of viable non-culturable and slow-growing organisms.



SepsiSTAT® is an automated system for rapid microbial detection, molecular Gram and quantitative growth monitoring ready for downstream ID, AST and NGS systems.

Direct Bloodstream Infection Diagnosis


Explore our resources for a deeper understanding of how SepsiSTAT® is transforming the landscape of sepsis diagnosis and management.

Our resources offer valuable insights and detailed data to support our scientific research, helping healthcare professionals make rapid, informed decisions that save lives.

Automated SepsiSTAT®:
Pioneering Rapid BSI Detection & AST

Discover the Automated SepsiSTAT® system, cutting-edge technology for rapid bloodstream infection (BSI) detection and sample preparation for antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) directly from blood. This document covers how its fully automated process shortens result times and improves diagnostic precision.

SepsiSTAT® to Rapid Phenotypic AST: Accelerating Treatment Decisions

Learn about SepsiSTAT®'s integration with a rapid phenotypic AST system, drastically reducing the time for antibiotic susceptibility testing. This resource highlights how it delivers quick MIC results, enabling faster decisions and better outcomes in critical care.

SepsiSTAT® to NGS: Advancing Clinical Metagenomics for BSI Detection

Explore how SepsiSTAT® applies to next-generation sequencing (NGS) for swift BSI ID and AMR. This document presents a study showing SepsiSTAT®'s role in increasing metagenomics' accuracy by enhancing bacterial DNA enrichment and minimising host DNA interference.

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